Five Tips to Get You Ready for the New School Year

Well, it’s official. The new school year has begun!


Summer break was fun. You traveled, you spent time at home watching movies or doing nothing (never a bad idea) or you just hung out with friends and family, unless you wanted to get a head start and prepared for the next school year (we like you, student).

Needless to say, after several months of relaxing and not thinking about school, returning can be a bit challenging. All the rushed, early mornings, the overwhelming amount of handouts and homework, and all the activities can be easily eased into if planned right.

Here are a few tips from us to make going back to school a little less intimidating and a lot more doable!

1. Adjust bedtimes and wakeup times a few days before the first day of school. This can be gradually done a week or two ahead. If your meal times changed over the summer, consider adjusting those as well to make them suitable with the new sleeping schedule. For example, if you’re a late sleeper, set your alarm earlier and earlier everyday, closer to the hour you usually wake up in for school.

2. Get organized in advance. There are countless things that need to be done before the start of the new school year, from buying stationary, books and uniforms to planning for lunch and snacks. Nothing calms down that new school year chaos like planning and avoiding doing everything last minute. Shop early to have your uniform and school supplies ready beforehand, and benefit from all the back-to-school discounts out there (hint: malls).

3. Organize your study space and supplies. Time to declutter that desk to make sure you or your child have a quiet, distraction-free space to study. Older students could benefit from these apps that help them organize their study and homework schedule.

4. Prepare yourself mentally for the new year. Setting study goals and routines will make the first few days of school a lot easier and more manageable. Find out what you’re going to be studying next year and plan for it so you’ll get a sense of what your after-school time is going to be like. You don’t have to work ahead and study if you don’t feel like it, a simple review of what you’ll be covering should be enough to help you ease into the new school year.

5. Focus on your weaknesses. Getting a head start on that one subject you need help with the most is never a bad idea. If you’re doing your SATs, external IGCSE or IB exams or any other official examination this year, start your test-prep early and try to get your hands on the syllabus.
If you’re feeling anxious about a particular subject, go for summer tutoring, it doesn’t have to be intensive and overwhelming, just go for a few lessons every month to keep your skills and knowledge fresh, and help you hit the ground running when the school year begins again!

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