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What to Look for in a Private Tutor?

  It’s no secret that students depend heavily on private tutors to support them in learning a particular subject, assist them with homework or help them prepare for an exam. Private tutors can be highly influential in accessing different resources that may not be readily available students in school. But finding the right tutor for […]

The Last Mile: How to Prepare for Your IB Exams

People often ask me how was I able to achieve a 42 IB diploma score, and having answered that question many times now, I can say it’s sometimes difficult to convince people that I haven’t done anything special or extra than what most students did through their IB journey. With May 2017 examinations being just […]

What It Was Like to Be an IB Student in Jordan

Ahh if only I could go back to being an IB student! Of course those were not exactly my sentiments when I was doing IB, but isn’t it like that with everything else in life? You never actually appreciate what you have until it’s gone. I knew I wanted to study in a Jordanian university when […]

Tutoring: Parents vs. Students

  One of the tricks to being a good tutor is knowing your audience. Sure, you’re getting paid by parents and they usually think they know best, but what you know is students, and you know them well. I’ve come to realize that dealing with parents and students simultaneously as a tutor is an art […]

What Makes a Great Tutor?

  Let’s all be honest for a minute; we’ve all had our moments of doubt before tutoring a student. Be it lack of confidence or lack of preparation, this happens more often than not, even to the best tutors or classroom teachers out there. And in most cases, it’s just our minds playing tricks on […]

Five Tips to Get You Ready for the New School Year

Well, it’s official. The new school year has begun! Summer break was fun. You traveled, you spent time at home watching movies or doing nothing (never a bad idea) or you just hung out with friends and family, unless you wanted to get a head start and prepared for the next school year (we like […]